Bonjour, Croque Monsieur

I used to work at a quick dining French Restaurant. As the Assistant Manager, I was trained to bake. Though I do not have the recipes for the dishes, I was lucky enough to learn the techniques.

Today, I decided to bake Ham and Cheese Croissant. This is almost the same as Croque Monsieur but instead of using a normal bread, I used croissant. The main part of this recipe is to make the Bechamel Sauce. After that, all you need is to assemble them.


Ham & Cheese Croissant (or Croque Monsieur) – Makes 6 – 8 

25 grams Butter

2 tbsp Flour

1.5 cups Low fat milk (less guilt)

pinch of Salt/Pepper (some recipe calls for nutmeg but I left it out)

200gm Gruyere Cheese (grated) – you’ll need 1/4 cups for the Bechamel sauce

1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese (grated)

6-8 pcs Regular sized Croissant (bought mine at NTUC Extra)

6-8 slices Honey baked ham


Bechamel Sauce

(1) Melt butter in a small pan on medium heat until you see bubbles

(2) Add flour while stirring continuously until smooth (this is just a short while, 1-2mins)

(3) Slowly pour in milk & whisk continuously until it thickens

(4) Take off from the heat and add salt & pepper (I love it spicy, so you may be generous with the pepper!)

(5) Stir Parmesan & 1/4 cups of Gruyere cheese

Let it cool slightly and the sauce will thicken. At this moment, you may start to switch on your oven. 180 deg Celsius, middle rack.

Assembly (Ham & Cheese Croissant):

(1) Cut the croissant at a 45 degrees angle from end to end.

(2) Pipe (or scoop) bechamel sauce on the centre ham and sprinkle some gruyere cheese

(3) Roll the ham and insert it into the croissant

(4) Pipe (or spread) some bechamel sauce on the top of the croissant (near the opening) and sprinkle some more gruyere cheese

(5) Bake for 10-15mins

Assembly (Croque Monsieur)

You’ll need 2 slices of bread (you can use white/wholemeal).

(1) Place ham on one slice

(2) Spread Bechamel sauce on the ham and sprinkle Gruyere cheese. Put second slice on top.

(3) Spread sauce and sprinkle cheese on the bread.



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